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Having already decided, over the course of this last year, what the tattoo I was going to get to celebrate my 30th was, I stumbled across this quote yesterday which comes incredibly close to what I had decided on. So that was a happy coincidence because Emerson is one of my heroes and favourite writers of all time. It makes me feel what I will be getting is definitely right…which I suppose is a good thing seeing as it is pretty permanent! And I definitely believe in it.


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Happy new year…may 2014 be filled with many brilliant days. I am pretty excited about it, and have a few resolutions or intentions for 2014:

1. Race the UCI Classic, Paris-Roubaix;
2. Run a sub 6 hour half iron-man;
3. Go to NYC and see my pals who moved there earlier this year;
4. Start planning a move abroad myself, not sure when where or how just yet;
5. Get a 10k PB (not sure how achievable this is, but after having my running career cut short at 18, just as I was moving from track to the road, and since happily coming out of retirement at 25 I have been concentrating on the longer distances but there is a little niggling feeling am still pretty sure I have a sub 40 10k in me. May be proved wrong but will give it a shot);
6. Go back to Tarifa and learn to kitesurf properly, rather than just kind of wiggle about with the kite; and
7. Get drunk more. Might affect 1-6 though…but at least it will be fun!

Now I have written these down I definitely have to do them…


Well not quite a quote, more of an order I guess. Say hi to your mums from me.

This one is a cyber woop woop to my own Mum seeing as I don’t call her enough, mainly because for me the telephone is for imparting facts rather than casual chat (she is not the only person close to me who suffers as a result of my telephone aversion disease). So hello Mumkins, I’m waving at you from my desk. And I am back blogging at your request, seeing as you are my biggest (and perhaps only) fan. Everyone needs a super fan.


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And I’m back in the game! Thanks to my very kind sister I have a temporary (on loan) laptop so I can keep blogging. Phew, who knows, without it I might even have generated some spare time…and what would I do with that?!

Today’s quote is for my pal Loola. I bought this card on a trip to NYC with her, which must have been nearly ten years ago and I have carried it with me ever since through numerous house, city and life changes. And I like it, it’s true.

No idea if it is correctly attributed to the big Abe Lincoln, but as he took beard growing to new lengths I like to think he did say it.

Please excuse the tattiness of it mind…no one escapes ten years of travel without a few stains.

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