Spotted these happy little prints in Camden the other day, by Moha London



Images by Moha London


I have today become a teeny tiny bit obsessed with the new Urban Outfitters homewares section which seems to have been made especially for me.



Not sure how I could justify the purchase of three new tables though…especially not pretty side ones. I do live in a one bed flat after all – I’d end up with no sides of anything, just eiffel’s of furniture around me.

However, despite the lack of space I could perhaps get away with these beauties babies, perhaps I could liberate a new duvet set and a rug?! I think I could only get one of them though…although I do have a fondness for certain things and whilst my husband has grown to love a spot of geometric print, getting all of these would make his eyes boggle. I can but dream of a house filled with occasional tables and triangles.






I could sneak this one in though for my morning coffee. Everyone should wake up to a rainbow.


Happy Monday!
All images and daydreaming homey things from Urban Outfitters

The winter is definitely drawing in now, and my feet are in need of a nice warm rug in the mornings. Hopping out on to freezing cold bare wood floor and attempting to get into my running leggings as quickly as possible has led to a broken toe before…maybe one of these beauties will spare me some pain over the winter.

Rug from Rockett St George

‘Grid’ rug from Habitat


‘Sellarsbrook Blue’


‘Chiesa Yellow’

The four rugs above (and images) are all from The Rug Company

This would go beautifully in my house with my (imaginary) new table and chairs…

This beaut is by Baines & Fricker, available at the inestimable Liberty. Baines and Fricker is a husband and wife team (I won’t lie, my favourite type of team…they get to hang out together all the time, drinking coffee and eating biscuits while they work – well that’s what I like to think anyway) from Brighton.

Well this design festival is causing me some grief already, with regards to my imaginary funds. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve just dropped about five grand on furniture. Baked beans for the rest of the week.

Images from Baines & Fricker



Poster by Rachael Whitebread from CounterEditions

Well we’re on day five of the London 2012 Olympics, and the fun is only just beginning as I have a few days off to attend events, make some new pals and generally soak up the atmosphere in London. Today I am off to Kiwi House to be an honourary NZ member with a friend who is over.

Tomorrow, some tickets for the big screen in Hyde Park and some fencing in the evening. Now, I have no idea about fencing…but here’s hoping I will do by the end of the night. But I love sport, and I respect their years of commitment chasing that elusive gold so I don’t mind what sport I see, what country I cheer or even if it rains!

Hope you are all enjoying a bit of Olympic fever too.

If you’re in need of further inspiration, check out Wee Birdy for some Olympic gems and links.

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