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I am a tiny bit in love with this new online store, Fate London, which has an amazing mix of design with a lovely contrast of items made from marble, wood and natural fibres. I pretty much want everything from their shop, but the bits below are my favourites.









I definitely need a new rug at the moment, but candles holders are a bit harder to justify…having about a million already. However a notebook is always justifiable, especially as I am starting a new job in three weeks. In fact it’s pretty much mandatory.

All images and items from Fate London.


This is the studio of Candy Black, a beeeyootiful design boutique. I have just been ogling their site, blog and shop and crikey moses I have nearly had a heart attack with the sheer stylishness of it all.

I had assumed when I first stumbled across the picture of their studio that it was an American design set up, it having a real south californian vintage vibe about it – but no, knock me down with a fossil, it’s from our very own UK south coast, Dorset must be the new San Francisco. Their site makes me want to jump in the car (driven by someone else obvs) and get down there to knock on their door and then (due to my lack of funds to be able to commission someone to design my flat, or indeed anything) just move in and hope they don’t mind. Even stylish creative types need a chatty little coffee maker who can provide ad hoc legal advice do they not?! Plus it looks like they like bikes, as you all know I like bikes AND I can change a tyre too. Well, nearly.

Images from Candy Black

Check out their diverse and inspiring portfolio here, Candy Black cover the spectrum of design, from interiors, to type, branding and illustration. If I ever do get round to starting my own business, I will know exactly where to start.

For further inspiration check out their blog. Oh and if you’re reading this and feel the urge to buy me a present (family members and husband this means you) visit their shop.

Happy ogling!

Eeek I’m having a phone disaster…my blackberry and I have parted ways. It’s the end of a beautiful friendship.

I can cope without it for making calls etc (phewee I am uncontactable!) but I do use it all the time to keep notes or ideas of things I spot to put on this here blog. So whilst I wait for a new one to arrive, I am having to resort to the old school way of taking notes and whipping out my pen.

These lovely ones from OhhDeer would be excellent for the job, and also help inspire me along the way.

Found via BlogandBuySale

‘Stuck on Repeat’ design by Sandra Diekmann

‘Stuck on Repeat’ design by David Stelfox

Following my post earlier this week on Eve Mercer, I  found this office designed by her and also loved it. 

Imagine being able to work in such a beautifully designed space!

It also struck me that this room is quite Mondrian inspired too – showing that the De Stijl movement and it’s ideals still live on – and yet still manage to look extremely modern.

If ever I get important enough to design my own office I will ensure I give Ms Mercer a call.  I just entered day dream central I believe.

I spied this beautiful conversion in House and Garden over the weekend and loved it so much I had to share it. It’s the work of Eve Mercer, and involved converting a Chelsea studio of no more than 90 square metres into a two bedroom family home. Pretty impressive. The pictures of it all show the way the light flows incredibly well throughout the house, and helps to give an impression of space, complemented very well by the use of bright colour in all the rooms. I also love the main living area which has a domed glass roof.

I hope when they sit in that room they can peek out and see the stars.

Images and interiors by Eve Mercer

I like the way a tall but slimline bench is used to create an illusion of space.

I could quite happily sit in there very early on a sunny morning, under the rays, scoffing my boiled eggs.

Erm there is only one word for this – wowzers!

I shall explain…I thought I had stumbled across an interiors site. No, although it took me a while to figure it out – it was the site for an estate agent in Stockholm. So these are just normal people’s homes. How are these people so cool? All the houses were amazing. No avocado bathroom suites or paisley carpets for those stylish scandis.

I would quite happily take my morning coffee on a bright blue chair in that patio – before I cycled off to work in my trendy Stockholm office. Not sure what I’d do for a job mind, not being able to speak Swedish…still I’d be so happy with my home I’d smile at everyone, I could at least be the post girl.

Images from Alexander White

This home, put together by Lynda Reeves and the Canadian House and Home team, is a very impressive mix of different styles. There are some real mid century classics in there, like the Mies van der Rohe daybed, yet it still retains a distinctive North American flavour (as in the continent…I am not implying Canada is part of America before anyone shouts at me). Lovely.

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