I am a tiny bit in love with this new online store, Fate London, which has an amazing mix of design with a lovely contrast of items made from marble, wood and natural fibres. I pretty much want everything from their shop, but the bits below are my favourites.









I definitely need a new rug at the moment, but candles holders are a bit harder to justify…having about a million already. However a notebook is always justifiable, especially as I am starting a new job in three weeks. In fact it’s pretty much mandatory.

All images and items from Fate London.


I bought this lovely set of cards at the weekend, whilst I was at Spin LCF – a little treat of a festival in East London combining two of my all time favourite things, coffee and cycling.


I haven’t yet decided if I will frame them in a series, keep one on my desk to cheer me up or dish them out to cycling pals. I do like a jazzy postcard. Especially one on my desk to keep me going at work.

They are by Rebecca J Kaye, who appears to be very talented illustrator. Whilst the cards are available to buying her website, she also makes these beauties which celebrate some of the greatest races in cycling history.





I really like the simplicity of the designs, which still capture the spirit of each race. I would like to get the series…but if I put them on my wall then I need to have raced them, as I always look at my Alpe d’huez print with pride when I’m at home. Maybe a plan for next year although I am not sure if I will ever have the guts to do the Roubaix course! The prints are also available to buy on her website, along with details of Rebecca’s latest work. Lots of which appears to involve a bike theme, imagine – being paid to think about bikes. The dream.

All prints and images by Rebecca J Kaye

I have today become a teeny tiny bit obsessed with the new Urban Outfitters homewares section which seems to have been made especially for me.



Not sure how I could justify the purchase of three new tables though…especially not pretty side ones. I do live in a one bed flat after all – I’d end up with no sides of anything, just eiffel’s of furniture around me.

However, despite the lack of space I could perhaps get away with these beauties babies, perhaps I could liberate a new duvet set and a rug?! I think I could only get one of them though…although I do have a fondness for certain things and whilst my husband has grown to love a spot of geometric print, getting all of these would make his eyes boggle. I can but dream of a house filled with occasional tables and triangles.






I could sneak this one in though for my morning coffee. Everyone should wake up to a rainbow.


Happy Monday!
All images and daydreaming homey things from Urban Outfitters

The winter is definitely drawing in now, and my feet are in need of a nice warm rug in the mornings. Hopping out on to freezing cold bare wood floor and attempting to get into my running leggings as quickly as possible has led to a broken toe before…maybe one of these beauties will spare me some pain over the winter.

Rug from Rockett St George

‘Grid’ rug from Habitat


‘Sellarsbrook Blue’


‘Chiesa Yellow’

The four rugs above (and images) are all from The Rug Company

Well this is a pretty ingenious storage system, made from 6Latten chairs, 2 horizontal sticks and 4 vertical sticks in different colours. Simple, yet colourful they are pretty striking. They would also be Good in a relatively small space, because of the lightness of the pine, the primary colours and the structure which allows  light to flow through.

Latten chairs are made from pine and designed by Max Gumpp & Hannes Gumpp

Images from Aloymas, an interior and design firm from Barcelona.

Happy Sunday, wherever you may be!

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