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I am a tiny bit in love with this new online store, Fate London, which has an amazing mix of design with a lovely contrast of items made from marble, wood and natural fibres. I pretty much want everything from their shop, but the bits below are my favourites.









I definitely need a new rug at the moment, but candles holders are a bit harder to justify…having about a million already. However a notebook is always justifiable, especially as I am starting a new job in three weeks. In fact it’s pretty much mandatory.

All images and items from Fate London.


I bought this lovely set of cards at the weekend, whilst I was at Spin LCF – a little treat of a festival in East London combining two of my all time favourite things, coffee and cycling.


I haven’t yet decided if I will frame them in a series, keep one on my desk to cheer me up or dish them out to cycling pals. I do like a jazzy postcard. Especially one on my desk to keep me going at work.

They are by Rebecca J Kaye, who appears to be very talented illustrator. Whilst the cards are available to buying her website, she also makes these beauties which celebrate some of the greatest races in cycling history.





I really like the simplicity of the designs, which still capture the spirit of each race. I would like to get the series…but if I put them on my wall then I need to have raced them, as I always look at my Alpe d’huez print with pride when I’m at home. Maybe a plan for next year although I am not sure if I will ever have the guts to do the Roubaix course! The prints are also available to buy on her website, along with details of Rebecca’s latest work. Lots of which appears to involve a bike theme, imagine – being paid to think about bikes. The dream.

All prints and images by Rebecca J Kaye

Well this is a pretty ingenious storage system, made from 6Latten chairs, 2 horizontal sticks and 4 vertical sticks in different colours. Simple, yet colourful they are pretty striking. They would also be Good in a relatively small space, because of the lightness of the pine, the primary colours and the structure which allows  light to flow through.

Latten chairs are made from pine and designed by Max Gumpp & Hannes Gumpp

Images from Aloymas, an interior and design firm from Barcelona.

Happy Sunday, wherever you may be!

This would go beautifully in my house with my (imaginary) new table and chairs…

This beaut is by Baines & Fricker, available at the inestimable Liberty. Baines and Fricker is a husband and wife team (I won’t lie, my favourite type of team…they get to hang out together all the time, drinking coffee and eating biscuits while they work – well that’s what I like to think anyway) from Brighton.

Well this design festival is causing me some grief already, with regards to my imaginary funds. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve just dropped about five grand on furniture. Baked beans for the rest of the week.

Images from Baines & Fricker

well well I did have a lovely time this weekend – my favourite city in the world and doing my favourite thing, looking at vast amounts of beautiful things and clever design.

One of the best pieces of design I saw was something whose simplicity blew me away. Simple but extremely clever, and impeccably made. This table, and the chairs by the same company, do an excellent job for all of us in these small London flats, by saving space but retaining style.

The table opens up via a very clever diagonal twist and unfold technique from a four seater to an eight seater. The lady did demonstrate it to me, but as seamless as it was I am not sure exactly how it worked. All I know is it was smooth and it looked incredible. Perfect for opening up when you have your pals round at the weekend, and then it reverts back to your normal square table when it’s just you, your laptop and some scrambled eggs on a rainy Monday night (or maybe that’s just me).



Images and table from Seer

Look…two chairs, then you slot them together and they look like one! Solves that problem of unsightly stacked chairs, which I think never looks quite nice. But it’s better to have stacked chairs than nowhere for your mates to sit when they come round for snacks. Plus they’re comfortable, I tested them for you.

These chairs are the type of design that makes you say ‘of course…now why didn’t I think of that?’ knowing full well I could never execute it as brilliantly as this.

And that my friend, is perfect design.

Images from Vincent/Vera by Matthew Bridges Design


Well, apologies I have been rather off the radar recently. This is partly due to a very hectic end of August/September with three weddings in a row but more recently due to a bit of a nasty bike accident which left me with a (hopefully temporary) scar across my face and a dose of concussion. Eek! Turns out concussion makes you very tired which didn’t leave much for blogging post work…anyways pretty much all back to normal now, barring the face but I’m hoping this will recover soon.

And at least I have London Design Festival to cheer me up, and give me some pretty things to feast my eyes on. I have a whole schedule of activities planned this weekend to make the most of it, and will try share as much as possible. The bit I am most looking forward to is a trip to Tent London which showcases a vast array of design and allows you to take a trip round the world,  a number of countries inroduce you to their design identities in Country Pavilions. FoI will be making a beeline for some new Norwegian design talent at 100% Norway.  Love a bit of scandi action.

There are lots of different shops, showrooms and workshops going on this week all over town. If you check out the website you can tailor make an itinerary.

As always Darkroom has come up trumps, with a beautiful window display to distract me when I cycle past (!) on the way to work. They also have in some new bits from a collaboration between Darkroom and Camille Walala’s called T-R-I-B-A-L-A-L-A. Oooh I’d like to get my hands on that bead print by Rhonda Drakeford below.

Images from Darkroom

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