Kaye-dence – pretty prints from a cycle chick

I bought this lovely set of cards at the weekend, whilst I was at Spin LCF – a little treat of a festival in East London combining two of my all time favourite things, coffee and cycling.


I haven’t yet decided if I will frame them in a series, keep one on my desk to cheer me up or dish them out to cycling pals. I do like a jazzy postcard. Especially one on my desk to keep me going at work.

They are by Rebecca J Kaye, who appears to be very talented illustrator. Whilst the cards are available to buying her website, she also makes these beauties which celebrate some of the greatest races in cycling history.





I really like the simplicity of the designs, which still capture the spirit of each race. I would like to get the series…but if I put them on my wall then I need to have raced them, as I always look at my Alpe d’huez print with pride when I’m at home. Maybe a plan for next year although I am not sure if I will ever have the guts to do the Roubaix course! The prints are also available to buy on her website, along with details of Rebecca’s latest work. Lots of which appears to involve a bike theme, imagine – being paid to think about bikes. The dream.

All prints and images by Rebecca J Kaye


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