Adding a dash of Mayo

We had a recent trip to County Mayo in Ireland, which was great for many number of reasons, the incredible beaches for one. But also the discovery of the blankets and scarves of Foxford Woollen Mill. We saw quite a lot of them in various shops around the county, and it was only my hand luggage restrictions which stopped me from bringing one home. They all have a very classic style, but still look very modern in all the shades of grey and blue. Plus they felt amazingly soft.

As the winter draws in, my urge to stay inside and snuggled under a blanket on the sofa is getting greater.

I know this will never happen, my lovely work and some stupid idea to enter a half iron man means I am rarely at home. I know that if I am not at work then I will be outside come rain or shine and on the bike or running about in the mud. I’m not going to get any better at triathlon from the sofa unfortunately.

But I’m still definitely going to get one of these classic blankets, in a nice calming grey, so I can at least think about it when out on the bike shivering hoping that my husband is at home waiting for me to come back in, freezing cold but happy! Oh and I will be sending him psychic vibes so that he puts it over the radiator just before I get in…whether it works or not its the positive thoughts get you through a training session after all!





Foxford Woollens Mill was started by some Irish nuns to help provide income and work in the time of severe famine and poverty, to benefit the community as a whole. Pretty sure it’s privately owned now, but it still aims for a community feel and has a visitor centre (in the pictures below) with a shop selling local foody bits and a cafe. Think we will have to pay it a visit next time we are in Ireland.




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  1. Frances said:

    I love the one with the checks.

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