A Danish Delight

There is nothing I like more than a little pot that serves no other purpose than to hold a tea light and sit around looking pretty.

Much to my husband’s dismay. I’m not sure if its because he’s a boy, or a unique trait, but he doesn’t really ‘get’ candles. So I’m lucky that one of my special pals sneaked two of these beauts into the house.

A) they’re a present which means they can never be phased out by my husband and B) their geometric style means they even got his seal of approval and are now firmly on display in our flat – bringing me a little bit of joy, daily.


Turns out they are from Tine K Homewhich, by the way, is amazing. It’s Danish, so stylish obvs and it appeals to my Nordic streak (Norwegian great grandparents means that a part of me is Scandi, even if it is just a toenail I’m claiming it) and it pretty much has everything you need to furnish your house beautifully. Hell, it even has a category entitled ‘office supplies’. A category that dreams are made of.

If you like clean lines and Danish style then go check it out immediately.




Tablecloth, jar, candleholders and images from Tine K Home

1 comment
  1. Frances said:

    I really like the one with a feather on it.

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