Bespoke Bicycling

If you glance at this blog even every now and then you will know there are a few things I love, scandinavian style, fresh white, cakes and straight lines. But there is one other thing I love, nearly as much as my husband in fact, and that is cycling. And therefore bikes. I have two already (a battered french road bike from the 70’s called Pierre and a beautiful Bianchi for my triathlons). And now I want one of these…I want one so badly if it wasn’t for the fact we are about to put an offer on a flat I would buy one now. Maybe I should anyway, and only eat soup for a month.

They’re by Mango Bikes, and the best bit is you can design them yourself for what is an incredibly reasonable price for a bike this streamlined and pretty, never mind the fact it is bespoke.

This was my neon creation below…perfect for cycling too and from work, or about London at the weekends. Due to our budget and astronomical London pricing we won’t be able to get a flat that near a tube, so really another new bike will be a sound investment. Although I think I will be on the fast downhill to divorce unless I a) get rid of of at least one b) stop leaving my bike in the bedroom because I love it that much. On the bright side if I did slalom down to divorce over it I could shout ‘look no hands’ and freewheel there on a psychedelic frame.




Part of me does love the idea of an all white one too though, with neon accents…is four bikes considered excessive?! Maybe.

In good news however, I have just been offered a permanent job. The perils of being a trainee lawyer are that you are on a fixed term contract and have no guarantee of a job at the end. So after a few years of uncertainty, going back to uni and some incredibly long hours in the office, I am qualifying early just in time for my 30th birthday. Iwill soon be a fully fledged corporate lawyer. I can be one with a pink bike can’t I?

Perhaps that can be my reward, after all I don’t get out much and if I’m cycling home from work at midnight I may as well do it in style!

Happy Sunday, may it be filled with cakes and wheelies.


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