A Barnby and Day Dream

Now that we’re flat hunting it means I have even more reason to ogle beautiful furniture all day long. I can even dream of actually buying some when we’re settled into a place and can justify spending a bit more on a piece which will have a permanent home, rather than fitting into whatever space we have in a rental.

When I can make that purchase, one of the first places I am going to go is Barnby and Day. I saw them at Tent London and fell in love with their well thought out and hand crafted furniture.





I met the two boys behind it at Tent London, and what nice boys they were too, which makes me want to buy it even more. Handmade in Hay, England these two, Robert Barnby and Lewis Day haven’t really been out of uni that long but have set up their own business creating these beautiful pieces. And I applaud that, we should be supporting them and buying quality pieces that last. Plus they say on their website that they like the Scandinavian aesthetic, how could I not like them?!

I would like pretty much everything they sell…maybe start wit a coffee table and work my way up!
Happy Saturday!


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