Put a lid on it

Having had quite a nasty bike accident recently, which has contributed to my rather sporadic blogging, it’s only in looking back on it with two months clear to realise that my helmet did save my life. My head still took a bit of a battering, and I must say that whilst skidding on tarmac on your face is a rather extreme form of exfoliation it does have its downsides. But if I hadn’t been wearing my helmet it would have been rather a lot worse.

I still see plenty of cyclists out and about without a helmet on, and I do sometimes feel like tapping them on the back and saying ‘lady, see this scar on my face – please wear a helmet’. I know a little lid on your head may not be the coolest thing in town, but a helmet is a phenomenal piece of design if you think about it. It’s lightweight, it’s cheap and accessible to all, and it may save your life.

Here are some of my favourites, wear with pride.

Helmet from Bern

Helmet from Ruthys Rides

Custom made glitter helmets from Jenaration Creations via Etsy


Custom helmet from Atelier Ruby

Gold helmet from Bobbin Bicycles at Cycle Chic

For more inspiration for stylish, and safe cycling, visit Cycle Chic or buy a copy of ‘Cycle Style‘ which one of my lovely pals got me.
Image from Amazon


Or you could while away a few hours visiting this lovely blog on a rainy weekend Velo City Girl.

Happy Monday,hope you have a great day, I’ll be up and out only bike early doors, although I will be topped off by my racing helmet instead of one of those lovelies (a Garneau Sapphire, no it doesn’t look cool, but it does work – I kindly experimented with it for you).

  1. Dislike your injury, love the advice! I am considering buying a bike and my boyfriend already made it clear that he doesn’t want me to ride it through London…

    • Thanks! Although I have been cycling for four years in London and never had a problem with other cyclists, cars…unfortunately as my mum kindly pointed about above, this was an accident entirely of my own making due to a combination of bad lights, going too fast and a few other teeny things that all conspired against me one day. Give it a whirl…once you start cycling it’s hard to go back to getting the tube! Good luck, let me know how you get on with the bike choosing…the best bit!

  2. Frances said:

    So glad you were wearing your helmet!
    Please reassure Kitty that cycling inLondon is OK but cycling at great speed in the dark where parked motor bikes can’t be seen with a search light isn’t!!!

  3. Frances said:

    I meant ‘without a searchlight’ of course!!

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