A Townhouse down under

Well I have been a tiny bit quiet lately, largely because of working hours and various weekend trips leaving me with a shortage of time. But it does mean I have collected a backlog of pretty things to post on so hopefully I can find a bit more time to share them over the next few days.

Hope you are all well, and have been getting up to some interesting things. There has been some fairly big news in the adesignforwife household over the past few weeks, one of which is that having got married last year we are now fortunate enough to be in a position to become even more grown up and buy a flat. It’s quite a big deal…ever the trainee lawyer that I am, buying a flat is a bigger legal obligation than marriage to me! Romantic aren’t I?

It does mean that I therefore need to look at even more houses and daydream even further as whatever flat we buy we will need to decorate it. Although it will be a teeny tiny little one bedroom flat there will be lots to think about.

Perhaps I can start with thinking about a house like this….







This beauty is an entry in the Australian 2012 House Awards! It’s called Cressy St Townhouse and is by Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture Pty Ltd

I am very enamoured with the way in which light and space flow through the house. Not entirely sure our budget will stretch to this in London though! Perhaps I could start on a tunnel and see if I pop out at the right latitude. Or longitude.

Images from House Awards

Photography by Peter Clarke.

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  1. Frances said:

    Did you see Grand Designs this week? A carpentry workshop in Camden?

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