Getting Geometric

I love geometric patterns, and I love candles. To the point where a passing stranger once intervened in a candle related argument between my husband and I in Ikea once. His words of wisdom? ‘Mate, we’ll never understand the candle thing, just let her have them’. And, so he did. He is a sensible man (my husband that is, not the man in Ikea. Intervening in arguments in public is a risky strategy, fortunately for him I’d just nailed some meatballs so I was feeling benevolent. Had I been hungry it would have been a slow and waxy death).

Now, if only I could persuade my understanding husband to make me these candle holders too, he’d be pretty much perfect.


Although, lets be honest nobody likes a smart ass. If he suddenly started staying home and making candle holders I’d be a bit worried…I will have to just try make them myself, @bambilinz where are you when I need you? Christmas craft?!

DIY project from Babble.

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  1. Frances said:

    I totally agree about not interferring in public! I once admonished a man for swearing on his phone in front of his young children (as well as the whole street), only to be admonished by his partner ‘They’re my f****** children and I don’t f****** care’!!

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