A sofa that rocks

This would go beautifully in my house with my (imaginary) new table and chairs…

This beaut is by Baines & Fricker, available at the inestimable Liberty. Baines and Fricker is a husband and wife team (I won’t lie, my favourite type of team…they get to hang out together all the time, drinking coffee and eating biscuits while they work – well that’s what I like to think anyway) from Brighton.

Well this design festival is causing me some grief already, with regards to my imaginary funds. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve just dropped about five grand on furniture. Baked beans for the rest of the week.

Images from Baines & Fricker

  1. Bambi said:

    I love the sofa that rocks how ingenius almost as ingenius as your headline for this post!!xx

    • why thank you! Now, get some pictures taken so I can put your house on!

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