Festival Bride

Well I have been rather quiet on the blogging front lately, largely due to a combo of three weddings in a row (all of which were brilliant), work and training like crazy for my next triathlon. So this is a cheeky quick entry, relying on someone else’s blog! Festival Brides featured our wedding last week so I thought I would share it with you – so click here if you fancy a peek.

And hopefully I’ll be back in the game shortly…just in time for London Design Festival which kicks off in the next couple of weeks!

  1. Are you serious? You look so gorgeous – especially love the shoes!

    What a fab’ & stylish looking day… I happen to be a scotch egg addict AND those personalised seating notes were inspired. Thanks for giving us all a look-see!

    • Ah thank you so much! The shoes were the first thing I bought when I spied them with my friend who said those are your wedding shoes! I too am a big scotch egg fan, as are lots of my school friends, they were our staple – scotch egg lovers are always the best people haha! Hope you hav. Great weekend!

  2. Frances said:

    It was a magical day.

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