Oooh I’ll take you to the Candy Black

This is the studio of Candy Black, a beeeyootiful design boutique. I have just been ogling their site, blog and shop and crikey moses I have nearly had a heart attack with the sheer stylishness of it all.

I had assumed when I first stumbled across the picture of their studio that it was an American design set up, it having a real south californian vintage vibe about it – but no, knock me down with a fossil, it’s from our very own UK south coast, Dorset must be the new San Francisco. Their site makes me want to jump in the car (driven by someone else obvs) and get down there to knock on their door and then (due to my lack of funds to be able to commission someone to design my flat, or indeed anything) just move in and hope they don’t mind. Even stylish creative types need a chatty little coffee maker who can provide ad hoc legal advice do they not?! Plus it looks like they like bikes, as you all know I like bikes AND I can change a tyre too. Well, nearly.

Images from Candy Black

Check out their diverse and inspiring portfolio here, Candy Black cover the spectrum of design, from interiors, to type, branding and illustration. If I ever do get round to starting my own business, I will know exactly where to start.

For further inspiration check out their blog. Oh and if you’re reading this and feel the urge to buy me a present (family members and husband this means you) visit their shop.

Happy ogling!

  1. Bambilinz x said:

    Oh i would love to be taken to the Candy Black-no brady though!dorset trip?

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