Building the Games


Image from Skyscraper City

Image from Gear Patrol

Image from Dezeen

Image from Hopkins Architects

As the Olympics continues, and my visits to the Olympic Park are racking up I thought I would share some of the impressive buildings housing various sports around the Park. This is the velodrome, where a huge amount of Team GB’s medals have been won. Designed by Hopkins Architects, it looks like as if it might up sticks and swoop off at any point, with it’s beautiful arched roof.

Apparently the velodrome’s structure is designed to reflect the efficiency and movement of the bikes and the track is made up of 56k of Siberian Pine and 350,000 nails. Wowzers, hope they had more than one hammer.

From all accounts the atmosphere inside there has been electric, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get tickets to get inside so I can’t report accurately. However it’s intended to be a legacy venue, which hopefully means I might be able to get a ride out on it one day. I imagine I will still have a daydream whilst cycling round it that an Olympic medal could be mine…really should give it up.

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  1. Frances said:

    How old are triathletes? If not old, then take up show-jumping (65 year old Ben Millar) or dressage (72 year old competed for Japan) !!!! Maybe my Olympic dream could come true too. Still have time for 3 more Games!

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