Show off your ceramics


Image from Remodelista (photo by John Merk)


Image from Pure Home Style

Image from BHG

Image from InteriorsPorn

Image from alvhem makleri via InteriorsPorn

Although I have a kitchen full of cupboards, and lets be honest cupboards make sense, I still keep dreaming of having a big white kitchen with open storage. In reality I would never be able to keep it looking this  tidy, and my husband would no doubt have a heart attack and spend hours ensuring it was all lined up neatly. Still, chalk it up to another daydream.

1 comment
  1. Barbara said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look… I also have cabinets but dream of the open look… My husband is like yours, it would drive him nuts and he would be constantly making sure it was just right 😉 no complaints here, ha ha… Great post!

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