London 2012



Poster by Rachael Whitebread from CounterEditions

Well we’re on day five of the London 2012 Olympics, and the fun is only just beginning as I have a few days off to attend events, make some new pals and generally soak up the atmosphere in London. Today I am off to Kiwi House to be an honourary NZ member with a friend who is over.

Tomorrow, some tickets for the big screen in Hyde Park and some fencing in the evening. Now, I have no idea about fencing…but here’s hoping I will do by the end of the night. But I love sport, and I respect their years of commitment chasing that elusive gold so I don’t mind what sport I see, what country I cheer or even if it rains!

Hope you are all enjoying a bit of Olympic fever too.

If you’re in need of further inspiration, check out Wee Birdy for some Olympic gems and links.

1 comment
  1. Frances said:

    The good thing about fencing is, it doesn’t matter if it rains!!!

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