Quotation Station

‘The swimming pool is my office and I like to be the boss in my office’

Dawn Fraser – an Aussie Olympic Gold Medallist, swimming.

I’m doing an aquathlon tomorrow, just a cheeky 800 sea swim, a 5k run and a 400 swim to top it off.

Truth be told, am terrified…I signed up for it in a moment of madness post triathlon. My logic was, if the lake swim was tough (my weakest discipline) then a sea swim would be worse.

Sooo, if I did a sea swim and survived, a lake swim in my next tri would seem like the proverbial breeze…now on my sofa and contemplating my 6am start I am beginning to doubt my sanity (many probably did a long while back). So I’m going to look to Dawn Fraser’s logic for inspiration instead and calm my nerves…here’s hoping it works! It definitely worked for her, although not sure me repeating the phrase non stop until tomorrow will turn me into a swimmer of her calibre, I’d take a smidgen of it.

Hope you all have a great weekend. My laptop has unfortunately finally died and gone to electronic heaven, and until I somehow manage to pay for a new one my blogging may be rather sporadic. Very disappointing as I have lots of things I want to share. I shall save them…

  1. My screen fell off my laptop last week. I have made do for the last couple of years with compromised speed and numerous restarts. whilst technologically challenged, I took great pride in taking it out to the shed for some re-wiring….out with the electric drill, some wire and pliers, the ‘lid is now reattached’ though it now has to be propped up. Seems mine has nine lives. How it has escaped euthanasia (ie being thrown at the concrete), beats me though the day draws nearer. Good luck with finding a replacement and continuing with your posts, I will put up with mine a little longer.

    • Heehee, wow that is very resourceful, I am impressed. Mine got sick, a virus I think, so it may be fixable by someone a bit more qualified than I am! My kind sister has lent me hers so I may be up and running again soon, which will be nice!

  2. I know it’s un-Australian, but I’m not a massive fan of old Dawn (then again, I’m not Australian, either!) BUT I wish you all the best for your comp! May the force be with you.

    • Thank you very much! How come? I don’t know heaps about her, although I understand she may have been a mischief maker?! Thanks though – the swim race was not my finest hour but I am still alive so I call that a success! Hope you have had a lovely weekend down under.

  3. I’m impressed you did it!

    Dawn – In her time, I think she was a m a z i n g in the pool but, she’s had her time. She’s 74 and has opinions on issues completely unrelated to swimming. Time to move on, me-thinks!

    • fair enough, sports people should probably stick to sport. Luckily none of have yet piped up in London…too busy trying to get medals!

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