A crafty time

In honour of our wedding anniversary, and seeing as we’ll be back in Italia where we spent our honeymoon, I thought I would do a few posts about our wedding. Plus it helps me to relive the memories. It truly was the best night ever. Not because of all the wedding jazz, and maybe even because we didn’t have much of that, but because we got to hang out with all our best mates until the sun came up.

We did it on quite a tight budget, as I had gone back to uni that year, and while that meant I was sometimes a tiny bit (okay ask my husband, often a big bit) stressed about money, it also meant we made so much of the wedding ourselves and all our pals chipped in with their time and labour. This made it an incredibly special day for me, and I will forever be grateful to those who helped.

So I thought I would post a few pictures of the crafts/handmade things, in the hope that another budget bride might stumble across this and find it useful and be able to take some inspiration from it – I need to pay it forward!

Signs made using stencils, white masonry paint and bits of wood found in the shed.

 Homemade photo backdrop, made with cloth, woodscraps and using a Fuji Instax Camera and what I believe is a coal scuttle!

Drinks in the old pig trough.

Images (c) Shelldemar

Starters, in crates (courtesy of Fresh and Wild, repainted and stencilled)

Our marquee, with handmade bunting, flowers in jam jars and our very own pub (using donated and car boot sale furniture).

Wish we could do it again, thank you to everyone who helped! You made our day.

  1. Barbara said:

    Looks like you guys had a FABULOUS wedding! How special to have everyone contribute. My husband planned our wedding and we did quite well on a limited budget. I cannot imagine the brides that are spending what a house costs and more… crazy! I think it meant more because we were both a part of it from the beginning… CONGRATS, have a wonderful trip!

    • Thanks Barbara! I am very impressed your husband planned it all, a definite keeper obviously! Mine did contribute a great deal, and you’re right it’s nice to both be a part of it – and satisfying knowing we didn’t go crazy on the budget, thrifty is the way forward!

  2. Frances said:

    And don’t forget you and the bridesmaids did all the flowers, including the bouquets, and your Mum got up way before her normal hour to get them from the market in London!!!

    • Thank you very much! I will try post a few more pictures, might have got a bit carried away with all the crafting!

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