Suitable Shelving

Oh how I do like ‘stuff’ as my husband calls it. Bits and pieces, books and postcards, collections from my travels and keepsakes from my pals. Dotted around the house, they are what makes our flat ours, and also serve to remind me on a daily basis of the good things. But I do admit storing them can be a challenge…it’s a fine line to tread between adding a bit of your own style to your decor and being a crazy old lady who doesn’t throw anything out.

So here are some examples of it done beautifully (and one for my pal Bambi – who always gets it spot on with displaying her little keepsakes, and who just generated a new spot by some careful editing. Hope this helps!)

Image from Decor8

Image from InteriorsPorn

Image from FromScandinaviawithlove

Image from OhPioneer

  1. Bambilinz x said:

    Oohhh i shall definitely be using these as inspiration for my newly aquired space xx

    • Oh good! We were thinking of giving the pallet one a go as it would suit our patio…will let you know if we manage it!

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