One hot Chile

Wowzers. This beauty is up for sale. Get me on the next plane to Chile – ooh and make sure you pack me some good books in my suitcase, I’ll be needing them up on my deck in the mountains.

Images (c) Felipe Ortiz from ArchDaily

I do love the clever simplicity of this house, and the pops of yellow against the clean black. It’s the perfect size for a holiday home – and there’s a strong case for keeping it as sparsely decorated inside, so you can focus on the beautiful views.

Although this one is in Chile, thebuildings (designed by Fooa and Norte) are apparently a prefab model which can be knocked up in a couple of months.

Thinking about it, hold the plane. Chile might be a bittoofar for a holiday home (even one in my dreams), so maybe I should get one put up in the Alps somewhere instead.

    • aha yes that is true! I can say bonza so I’m pretty much there. Maybe a little spot up in the Blue Mountains? Or overlooking the beach somewhere…

  1. st1le said:

    that is a pretty awesome house!

    • Thanks for your comments! I know, a complete daydream of a house. It must be incredible living in a place like that.

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