An Antelope on the Terrace

Oooh what a beauty this is – the Antelope Chair designed by Ernest Race and reissued by the V&A. It was designed for the Festival of Britain in 1951, to sit on the outdoor terraces of the Southbank.

Yesterday I was opposite the Royal Festival Hall seeing my niece and nephew all wrapped up with their flags awaiting the float past of the Queen, and it’s amazing to think these chairs were designed over 60 years ago.

They would still look incredible in any home, and their thin metal lines and spindly legs look pretty modern to me, as does the beautiful bright yellow. I also love the little balls on their feet, like they could sprint off at any given moment.

They  look chirpy, having one in my home would cheer me right up. Ideally perhaps around a thick wooden table in a room with lots of glass, to sit at and have your coffee whilst the sun comes up.

Images and chairs available to buy from the V&A

Or perhaps in this big glass room of mine (which overlooks some beautiful mountains) I could have the bench version up against the window – so that my husband can come join me (after making the coffee).

Image from Wannekes

Oh okay, I’d go to town – I would have loads of rooms after all in this dream house. This lovely rocker would sit nicely in the spare room, or the library (!)

Image and Rocking Chair from Race Furniture Milan


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