Dare to be different

The recent Clerkenwell Design Week is always a good opportunity to spot some great furniture to add to the daydream list, and those by Dare Studio are no exception.

In this Jubilee year it is always nice to celebrate a British company, and often those upholding our long tradition of incredible craftmanship are creating some of the best design around. All of Dare Studio’s pieces are handmade. That takes effort, I appreciate effort.


I do love this Dixon Storage Unit. And it is beautifully made, as you can see from below.

The Katakana Desk is also a complete winner – it even has a secret storage space. Not entirely sure what I could find to stash away, perhaps my receipts…!

It turns out that everything in the Katakana range is incredible. Made from black walnut they all hold a certain solidity and some very clean lines, which for me means they have pretty much nailed it.

Check out these bad boys…

Or how about one of these lovely wingback sofas? I have added everything to my wish list, but would probably have difficulty putting them all in my two room flat, not to mention finding enough cash in my bank account. They offer a bespoke option too, if you’re feeling like a particular grande fromagio.

One day…

Any particular items you’re going to save up for? Shall we all club in for the desk and rotate it?!

Images and items from the brilliant Dare Studio


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