Prints of summer

Judging by our antics last summer, which led to my friend coining a phrase for when you pop out for a picnic and end up rolling around on the blanket drinking gin mixed in a latte and trying to pass it off as a cocktail (‘it’s all gone a bit Primrose Hill’ means things have got unexpectedly out of hand), I think this print is perfect!

So, in honour of my special pal Linz, here’s to the upcoming summer (well, I am ignoring the rain and living in hope).

Print by ExLibris Journals from BlogandBuySale

  1. EHJ said:

    heheehe, brilliant. I am definitely outdoorsy… I like wearing stripes and sailing in boats sipping champagne…surely that counts?

  2. Frances said:

    Love the expression!

  3. Bambilinz x said:

    Haha this made me laugh alot it really did all go abit primrose hill!this must be the only post i havent read and i got a mention!!!may there be many drunken antics absinthe needs to be involved at some point!

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