Setting the Benchmark

On the theme of British furniture, after visiting the Conran exhibition at the Design Museum recently, I was blown away by the items on display from Benchmark. Apart from being a brilliant business concept by the mighty Terence Conran (he created a furniture company to design and make the furniture which in turn helped to supply his shops and restaurants) the company keeps traditional techniques and crafts alive and also trains up apprentices to ensure the skills live on.

In this economic climate there is more of a turn towards the traditional, and a demand for items which last longer and offer more value for money.

So whilst there is always a place for IKEA, and yes furniture like this seems pricey – it will always be cost effective, because it will last a lifetime.

I do like these chairs, they look like they’re a smiling face…

Of course for me though, working keen bean that I am, my favourites are the Conran designed desk above, and the lamp below.

Images and furniture from Benchmark

  1. Sure no problems – I’ll arrange for a courier to get it sent over! Beautiful aren’t they? The kind of thing you would keep in your house forever. Happy weekend down under!

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