Mad for Mondrian

Need to find some time to get to the Courtald Gallery soon, to catch their exhibition on Mondrian – one of my all time favourites.

Mondrian has also been a north london dweller (all the best people are) in the 1930s, so it would be fascinating to learn a bit more about his time here in London and discover more about what inspired him. 

Mondrian was one of the kings of abstract art, and a pioneer of the De Stijl movement but started out as just a regular painter. I would love to know how he moved from that to the beautiful clean black bold lines and primary colours of his best known works. I shall let you know if I find out…

Images from Wikipedia

I’d like to live in a Mondrian painting. Perhaps this table from The Darkroom is the closest I will get.

  1. I like the Mondrian stuff, iv’e seen a few buildings in Glasgow with Mondrian designs incorporated in to the build, looks clean and modern…
    Andy O.

    • Ooh hello – which ones? I’ve never been to Glasgow, I shall have to look them up! The Mondrian art seems to suit buildings very well (well the buildings I like anyway!)

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