Check out my buns

Ooh I’m very keen for this new book – out on May 12th.

As you may know I am a very big fan of the Scandinavian aesthetic and design tradition. But you may now know that I also love their cakes!

I have adopted a very swedish tradition of ‘Fika’ into my life, and it has vastly improved it – it means to take a time out for coffee and cake. How can you not love that? But as yet I have not made my own scandi baking, so perhaps this book can rectify that! And it just has such a beautiful front cover, it bodes well for the styling inside. I’ll be able to bake some cakes and pretend for a few hours at least that I am living in a beautiful flat in Gamla Stan.

Image and book from Amazon

Scandilicious by Signe Johansen

My most memorable cinnamon bun moment was having Fika in Stockholm, in Skansen, the day after I did my first marathon. It was nearly 30 degrees (in May, in Sweden – thanks for that weather not really what I was expecting!) and we sat in the sunshine with my mum, my boyfriend (now husband) and my sister – my crack team cheer squad – and scoffed cinnamon buns like they were going into shortage. 

So maybe this book can help me tempt them round for coffee and buns to relive the happy days (even if I couldn’t walk afterwards and ended up being pushed on a luggage trolley through customs, courtesy of my sister).

A picture from Skansen of something else Swedish I love…knackebrod! And in such stylish packaging.

Must plan another trip to somewhere in Scandinavia soon, my norwegian roots must be calling me!


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