P.S I love you

I do love a good high low mix in a flat or house, a combination of vintage and expensive bits mixed in with a little sprinkling of IKEA’s good value and common sense. 

However I haven’t ever bought a real statement piece from IKEA before, preferring to use it for my basics (I’ll be honest, on my budget there is nowhere else I can get a good wardrobe unless it’s ebay or a vintage place and logistically that’s not always easy!). 

We’ve got some great shelving from there for the living room, metal shelving that I think is intended for garage or outdoor use but which contrasts nicely with our midcentury sideboard and coffee table to add an industrial feel – but this is the first time I have ever seen a chair or a lamp in there that I would seek out and use as a focal point of a room. These items below are all from the new IKEA P.S Collection for 2012, and I have found myself really liking them.

I’m quite keen on these black chairs, which I’d like round my battered wooden table for a slick contrast. Maybe with one in red.

I really like these overhead lights, which have a pleasing geometric form. I think they look beautiful in a pair.

Images and items all from IKEA – and all available instore now I believe. They might be worth a look, see if the quality does justice to the designs.


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