A badge of honour

I spied this little beauties when on a trip to Brixton Village a few weeks ago, and thought they were a lovely idea. The problem with being such a keen cycling bean is looking stylish is sometimes an issue – my friends are probably sick of me turning up in a fluoro jacket grinning like a goon. 

I do have a nice blue wool cape for cycling in, but must admit I do panic at the thought of parting with my bright green bogey of a jacket as I feel a lot more visible in it. These badges from Be Shy will help, they can be added to any lovely coat to add a bit of reflective power, and they might even mean our friends can look you in the eye when you walk into a bar.




















Badges and images from Be Shy

  1. Frances said:

    Great idea. But any friends who diss your safety gear should be out-lawed. Be safe, Be seen!

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