Sunday dreaming – Stockholm style

Erm there is only one word for this – wowzers!

I shall explain…I thought I had stumbled across an interiors site. No, although it took me a while to figure it out – it was the site for an estate agent in Stockholm. So these are just normal people’s homes. How are these people so cool? All the houses were amazing. No avocado bathroom suites or paisley carpets for those stylish scandis.

I would quite happily take my morning coffee on a bright blue chair in that patio – before I cycled off to work in my trendy Stockholm office. Not sure what I’d do for a job mind, not being able to speak Swedish…still I’d be so happy with my home I’d smile at everyone, I could at least be the post girl.

Images from Alexander White

  1. Di said:

    I love the living/dining room in the second photo. The floor is gorgeous and all that natural light – stunning!

    • They do seem to have beautifully light filled apartments in Stockholm. Maybe it’s the bright sunny days…or I might just be romanticising it in the grey London light of today!

    • Yes I agree – they’re lovely! I’ll have a hunt and see if I can find something similar, and will post it if so!

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