The Espresso Room

On my A-Z of things to do before I am 30, V is ‘visit every independent coffee shop within a two mile radius of my home’ (this is not even the most random one I can assure you).

This will no doubt give a little coffee addict like me a lot of satisfaction, not just because I get to drink lots of the hard stuff but I also get to check out all the different interiors.

One of my favourite coffee shops of all time, right behind my work (and within the two mile radius of my home) and one of the most beautifully designed is The Espresso Rooms in Bloomsbury. It’s a small room, it serves espresso. Does what it says on the tin.

As  the coffee is exceptional (and keeps my going if I have a late night at work ahead of me) I would go anyway – but the branding and the way it all fits so neatly into such a tiny and practical space is a double bonus for a design keeno like me. And the service is excellent. All round greatness.

The interior, and the beautiful seating outside, were created by Design by Timber.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in London. Or indeed worth a visit to London.

Images above from Design by Timber. Images below from Another Cup

    • I imagine you have some pretty good ones in Sydney. Apparently the aussies are the ones to thank for the latest influx in awesome coffee shops, so….thanks!

  1. I always made a beeline for The Providores (Marylebone High Street) for my caffeine injection when I lived in London last (even shared a table with Ralph Fiennes pre-Qantas incident once!) Kiwis & Aussies are pretty serious about their coffee! 🙂

    • Yes I went there the other day! In the evening for drinks (coffee for me due to triathlon training) after a meal. It was lovely!

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