Hold a candle to your habit

Love this ingenious candle holder by Sebastian Bergne. It takes a simple cast off object, like an empty wine bottle, and makes it both beautiful and useful.

Following my camping theme that seems to be developing this week, these would also be very useful for packing in with your tent, in the absence of electricity.

And while you’re at it, getting drunk in order to decorate your house (or tent, or woo lucky you – cabin) with ambient lighting, ‘oh but just one more bottle please dear, I need a new candle holder for the spare room’, you can also purchase some clever little cork art devices from Sebastian Bergne to indulge your drunken genius.

Well, you will need to do something with all those corks you’ve popped.

Images, ‘Loop’ candle holder and ‘Cork Art’ all from Sebastian Bergne’s online shop. For the extremely reasonable price of about £20 quid and £6 respectively. It’s definitely worth a look at the shop for lots of clever, simple and beautiful design.

    • I kn0w – so simple yet effective. I’m going to buy one and pass it off as a present for my husband

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