Life in a Bubble

After a spot of camping this weekend (in a little tent with one single airbed to share between two and in temperatures which led to me sleeping fully clothed with two sleeping bags) these Bubble Tree tents are full of appeal.

Images above from ArchitectLines

These beauties take the best bits of camping, the ability to sleep in the great outdoors and to enjoy your surroundings, but ensure that you still have some degree of comfort and protection from the elements. Much as I love camping I don’t love being cold or wet, or squashed.

Images above from Boutique Homes

Designed by Pierre Stephen Dumas, these tents enable you to fully enjoy the sunset, and (for an early morning keeno like me) wake up naturally to the sunrise. The tents are kept inflated by an airlock door and a silent pump, and have about 4 metres of space – so plenty of room to fit in a nice double bed and a sofa for your afternoon book or magazine reading.

I guess you might need to find the most isloated spot you can though – if you did turn up to a campsite with it,whilst there is plenty of space to avoid the whole half bent over trying to put your pants on awkwardness, you would have to cope with baring your butt to the entire campsite.

The Bubble Trees can be bought outright, or camped in for $600 a night. Hmm back to the single airbed and two sleeping bags for me.

  1. Frances said:

    Amazing idea! I would love to see the stars in the warmth.

  2. Bridget said:

    Wow – I’ve never seen anything like that before. How cool!

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