Primary colours

I’m a huge Mondrian fan – his art incorporates everything I love. A few straight lines and some block colours. Perfectly simple.

This building, in the city centre of Den Haag, Netherlands, reflects all that perfectly. It’s built to house The Hague University of Applied Sciences with the intention that it will one day be offices too. It’s a prefabricated buildin and was made in Germany. A true Euro building.

Images © Vulkers Fotografies from Archdaily

The building very cleverly utilises what may otherwise be ‘dead space’ above the road and alongside the railway and the Mondrian theme is carried right through into the interior. What an awesome place to study.

    • wowzers – thank you! That is indeed a very similar building, and also very impressive. And they are both for similar uses too – I suppose they are quite functional styles which must appeal for a building that houses education. I like the industrial touches on the Boston one too. Thank you very much for sharing it.

      • Thank YOU! I everytime enjoy your posts! and I agree about the functional style, I think it’s appropriate. xx

    • oh lucky you – it must be pretty impressive to see in real life!

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