Disco Diva

After a near on 50 miler on my bike yesterday (with my friend who it turns out is faster than the speed of light) and the subsequent tiredness that is following today, this cheers me up greatly!








Image and details of how to create this yourself from Instructables.

Although as the route I was taken on by my practically professional pal was full of super keeno cyclists in full lycra tackling part of the future Olympic course for London 2012 I am not entirely sure how well this would have gone down…

It might have been a nice sight whizzing down the hill though and maybe the light reflecting off would have blinded those that tried to overtake me. A necessary weapon when you’re as competitive as me.

Still, there have been a few times when I have rocked up for drinks after work in my helmet and fluoro jacket much to my friends’ or sister’s amusement – so maybe if I turned up like this I would serve a dual purpose – look cool (well in my eyes) and have a portable party on my head.

Found via Prettydandy and Designcrush

    • okay…if I can find someone to make it for me! I’m not 100% sure I could make it look that good. If I could I’d wear it in my triathlon…

      • Brilliant… I look forward to the pic! 🙂

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