Italian dreams

Having booked our holiday recently – to Umbria in Italy – I’m in quite an excitable frame of mind. Not only are we going back to where we spent our honeymoon, but we’re going with two of my sisters, woop woop!

Perhaps a few bits from Jonathan Adler’s ‘Positano’ collection should be purchased and and dotted around the house to inspire me further – and make me think of living the mediterranean dream.

A glass to sip my early morning orange juice from, handmade of course and freshly made. These are some good daydreams I have.











A selection of scatter cushions for my stylish outdoor seating area. To lounge on whilst getting ready for the barbecue (cooked by someone else obviously). In this daydream I have vast tracts of land you see (obviously, as otherwise where would I put my sauna?!).

And of course a variety of dishes to be served my dinner from. What the hell, this is a daydream. My personal chef will of course be a complete hottie, and he will bring my dinner to the table on demand. And not be put off by the fact that I can eat like a horse.

Ah, to be honest, have just realised my husband fits that bill. Result! Just need the vast amounts of land…

Images from Jonathan Adler and also available at Heals

  1. We’ve had a cycling holiday in Umbria – gorgeous part of the world.

    • oh man, cycling and holidays – two of my favourite things! Maybe I should take my bike with me…

      • Umbria is a great place to cycle because it’s a huge valley. Bevagna, in the valley, is gorgeous and well worth a visit. Ahhh – am just a teeny bit green.

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