It’s getting hot in here

As I write this, sat with a nice cup of coffee after a 5×1 mile loop session (a favourite session some days, and then torture the others) I started daydreaming about a nice massage and a sauna.

It must be amazing being a professional athlete as you would get all these things on tap. Maybe I could just give up my day job and try become a professional. Someone has to come last don’t they?! I could be the Eddie the Eagle of the middle distance world.

Trying to fit training in with a full time job is sometimes hard…maybe if I had one of these babies sitting outside my front door it might be easier.

Sauna by Doshi Levien for Glass. Image from Doshi Levien

This one would do – in my daydreamed big house we could pop this out the back. The glass and wood design helps keep it really open and light. Imagine this one in a huge open green space. A perfect place to recover.













Image from Dezeen

Image from Remodelista


Image from Freshome





Image from Atasa

There is a definite beauty in a good sauna as they focus on the very simple, using basic ingredients.

At this point though…I’ll just be happy with a hot shower!


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