Beautiful screenprints

La Creperie by Dominic Clifford

We’ll Build Something More by Luke Whittaker

24 Seven 365 by Alice Stallard

Andrew Diprose


Some of my favourite prints, from Print Club London, some spotted whilst on our screenprinting workshop and some from the website. It’s really is one of the best places around for new, original and always eyecatching screenprinting posters and art.

  1. Frances said:

    I was expecting to see your own efforts!

  2. These are very nice – the style is great, although I have to admit I don’t see them as very original. Which is your favourite?

    • The heart shaped one – I love it. I think it’s smart, but simple. I hadn’t seen anything like them before, but you know the saying ‘there’s no such thing as a new idea’!

      • Yes that one is really nice! Ha ha so true, it’s a tough world out there for ‘new ideas’!

      • Lots of lovely ones out there though and at various print shops – Nelly Duff has some great ones too. Sometimes the best ideas are a simple improvement on an existing one, but have to admit I do like stumbling across a completely new one – so any suggestions very welcome! Have a good evening!

      • I’ll bear that in mind, and I’ll check out Nelly Duff, thank you! Have a good evening too (-:

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