Screenprinting school

Well we had some fun times recently, me and the recent husband, thanks to an awesome wedding present of a day’s adventure at Print Club London (thank you Parsnips!).

We went on a beginners screenprinting workshop and had great fun. Our screen printing guru was an excellent teacher, as we have practically zero art experience and we came away with a print jazzy enough to hang on our wall. It felt like quite an achievement.

Screen printing is a very satisfying endeavour – it takes a while, we had to leave the screens to develop and then there’s a bit of manual labour when pulling the screen across (was a bit tricky for a little weener like me, I had to stand on a step), then it goes on a drying rack until…ta da…you get your finished artwork and you can parade it home proudly on the train.

Here are some pictures from our adventure.

My little artist pal.

The printed versions of our templates, on tracing paper.

I decided to go to town and have three colours in my print – three of my favourite colours, hot pink, bright blue and sunshine yellow.

This was the fun bit – squidging the paint on the screen and pulling it across.

And my final prints/works of genius drying out on the rack.

It was such a lovely present, as we got to hang out together the whole day. That in itself would have done it for me, but the fact that we got to mess about with paints and big bits of equipment was even better. The staff were great too, really encouraging and it was nice to be in such a creative place even if just for one day. Definitely recommend it.

Print Club London

  1. AWESOME post but, did I miss something? – Where’s your finished work ADFW? 🙂

    • oh thanks! Mine is the one with the yellow houses which you can just see on the rack…I’ll try and take a good picture and post it!

  2. Frances said:

    The recent husband and I …………………………..!!!

  3. Frances said:

    What a fantastic present. Sounds as if you had a great day.

  4. lindsey said:

    Wooohooo Parsnips got a mention – it looks fun glad you enjoyed it Happy Wedding!!xx

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