Beautiful biking

Wowzers! This is a beauty. And practical too – look at that ingenious design for carrying some extra cargo.

The bike is called The Fremont and is the beautiful result of a collaboration between design firm and a a Portland based cycle company (Ziba and Signal Cycles). Click here for some information from Ziba on how the bike was designed and made, a fascinating process.

Images from AnthologyMag

Look at the blue on the wheels! The stylish satchel! The little light on the mudguard! 

Oh, in my dreams I’m wearing a stripy top with my hair blowing in the wind (car free roads in all dreams) and cycling this to a proper American farmers market in Portland.

(In reality I’m wearing a fluoro green jacket, a bright white helmet and I’m trying not to get mown down by a bus crossing the Euston Road).

Oh get me one of these and I’d die happy. Design at its best, practical, considered and simple.


  1. Modern as the concept is, it still has that vintage feel to it. 🙂

  2. Frances said:

    trailer a bit small for my grandchildren!

  3. Can some tale me about the cost of one .? they are so well made .I would not mind if a Co. rep get in touch with me . I am interested.

  4. I love the design and the fact that is so practical, riding a bike scares me a little – we have some crazy, cyclist hating drivers in Queensland.

    • oh I always imagined Australia would be an awesome place to cycle – but I guess some of the long wide roads just make people go super fast. Although to be honest some of the drivers in London are a bit dodgy too!

      • There are some beautiful places for cycling and some cities do it really well but there have been several incidents where we live and that puts me off.

      • Well in that case, better to be safe than sorry. I remember Queensland as having lots of big main roads so that might be a bit dodgy. On the plus side…some beautiful beaches! Who needs a bike with those around? I’d be too busy on a surfboard (just lying on it obviously as I can’t actually surf).

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