Spanish simplicity

Erm…when can I move in?

Beautifully sharp design. I love the way the log storage becomes an integral part of the design for the fireplace. It looks very calming, perfect place for a holiday as being surrounded by so little possessions would help you focus on what was important. As much as I would love to (and my husband would love me to) I very much doubt I could live so minimally ALL the time.

Interior designed by Francesc Rife. Photography by Eugeni Pons (found via  Desire to Inspire)

  1. Frances said:

    Would love to spend a holiday there, but i agree it would be hard to keep it that tidy if you really lived there.

  2. Amazing looking but I could never keep it so spare. I kept looking for a place to toss a throw pillow and blanket! 😃

    • I agree – you would need a whole room you could just throw things in and shut the door and pretend you were really tidy!

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