Mad about Madeline

I stumbled across the work of Madeline Weinrib whilst perusing a back issue of ‘World of Interiors’ (I know, I know you don’t need to say it – I’m so rock n roll) and fell in love. She creates fantastically graphic textiles and fabrics.

I would love the one below in a big open room, maybe with some bright yellow chairs.

Fabrics above from her Ikat range. Maybe one of the above would be nice on a mid-century modern sofa – a contrast to the clean straight lines of the piece.

I love this one, it reminds me of sand dollars that I used to collect with my Nanny and Grandad in Brazil.

You absolutely cannot beat a chevron. They give me great joy.

The two above seem very islamic inspired to me.

Below are some pictures of Madeline’s fabrics used in interiors – as bold as they are they look great when next to something which at first glance appears to clash.

Image from Decorpad

Image from Beach Bungalow 8

Image from ElleDecor

Her textiles are sold in London, in Andrew Martin. I’m going to have to go down and see them in the flesh I think, they’re so striking.

  1. Frances said:

    Happy memories of collecting sand doallrs too. I would love that fabric for that reason.

    • Maybe a little elf might deliver you some for your birthday?! Not sure Dad would allow it up anywhere in the house though?!

  2. I love wallpapers! and these ones you found are really awesome. I’ll write a post soon about the new wallpaper I put in my room. Thanks for sharing!

    • Pleasure! Ooh that would be exciting, I look forward to seeing your choice. Good luck with putting it up!

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