Safety first – cycling accessories for the stylish

Whilst I do love either whizzing or tootling about my bike (depends which bike and depends which mood) I am always conscious that I’m a teeny fish in a giant pond and safety does come first.

These accessories come in handy, giving you some confidence and keeping you safe.

These Revolights (found via SwissMiss) do a great job of making a bike extremely visible, plus they help to light up the path ahead of you. A traditional bike light doesn’t really light up the path in front, but does higlight your existence. It’s a fantastic idea, especially as I got a flattie the other morning when I cycled straight over some glass in the dark.

For those mornings cycling to work – how about a pretty bow for your helmet?

Images and Reflective Helmet Bows from Onetwothreespeed

Miss Bobbin reflective sash by Bobbin Bicycles

High visibility silver helmet from Bobbin Bicycles

Reflective magnets from CycleChic – these are great as they can be clipped on to all different sorts of clothing or shoes so you can add them onto anything just to add a little extra element of visibility. I tried some the other day and the magnets were unbelievably strong.

Reflective Spotme badges from CycleChic – just because you can.

Happy, safe and visible cycling to any bike keenos out there!


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