I likey my bikey

Turns out training for a triathlon is actually rather fun, I like it. Plus I get to whizz about on my bike in lycra. The only downside is having to share our bedroom with my bike.

Oh okay, I admit, it’s not a downside for me I’d kiss it good morning if I could – it’s a downside for my husband who does not like anything that may be mistaken for clutter. In fact he barely tolerates anything that is in a house without it being put inside a cupboard.

I’d love a way of storing my favourite possession that shows off the simple beauty of the bike itself. A bike, and a Bianchi bike especially, are designed to be on display.

I really like the ingenious, simple but highly effective Bike Shelf from Knife and Saw

Images from Knife and Saw © Copyright 2012 Knife & Saw LLC

Or how about one of these

Cycloc Bike Storage from YLiving, found via the_mori

Reclaimed Bike Rack by Cantilever and Press

The Bike Shelf, the Cyloc and the Bike Rack would be useful and easy to install for a renter too, which is a bonus.

I can only dream of being able to build in purpose bike storage like this

Image found via Hannah


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