Bird house – for a little Sparrow

I’m very lucky to have some excellent pals, and this is a little virtual love letter to one of them who is currently a few hundred miles away (come back soon!).

This particular friend is exceedingly stylish (she has her own blog at check it out if you too have a penchant for pants). She has an eye for a classic design, but also appreciates the absurd – which I happen to think is an excellent combination.

If I had all the money in the world, these are the things I would buy her:

1. An ingenious idea of a magazine rack for all her back copies of Vogue;

Image via Katie Smiley

2. A set of bowler hat lights for her hallway for her sense of humour;

Innermost Jeeves Bowler Hat Light by Jake Phipps at Heals

3. A desk for her blogging exploits, with a classic Wegner wishbone chair;

Image from Iain Claridge via Joe Burke

4. A beautiful compact Alwyn sofa from James Design for relaxing on after a hard looking at undies;

Image from D Talks

5. A lovely dining room where we could all sit round and eat sophistated delights such as morrisons cheese bread and minstrels;

Image from Aquavitaedesign via Visualize

6. And for the grand finale – some star spangled trousers to lounge around in, receiving guests;

Trousers by Sonia Rykiel,image from farfetch

Have an excellent week Sparrow – hurry back soon. I miss you!

p.s I would of course also buy myself some jazzy undies in your honour, so you would know I was not wearing a pair extracted from an M&S multipack. I know that this would bring you great joy!



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