A type for you and a type for me

My lovely pal bought me this book for Christmas, and I am working my way through it now, much to my pleasure. It’s called ‘Just my Type’ by Simon Garfield and is a book about fonts. This may not sound that thrilling to you all, but bear with me.

I believe fonts are the signposts of design – helping point the way to future trends and social developments. For example Johnston Sans was developed to use on the London Underground, designed to be functional and capable of being read by all, an egalitarian design suited to post war Europe. It was purely to assist with travel, for people of all classes – not just those with an expensive education. And so this book, with its detail about the origination of many fonts is not just a book about type, for font snobs, but a social history. Buy it, read it and dazzle people with your knowledge.

Image from Owen Jones Design

Just My Type – Simon Garfield. It’s so good I’ll even forgive the jacket design…a mish mash of fonts does not a happy eye make.

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  1. pal who bought book said:

    woohoo fame and glory!!!!glad you are enjoying it

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