Under the Eames

Well, I couldn’t let my week celebrating forties design go by without a nod and a smile to one of the greatest designer duos of this century. What makes this building even more special is the fact that it was designed in conjunction with architect Eero Saarinen. This partnership also produced the infamous ‘Tulip’ chair, another design from the forties whose popularity endures.

Images from Freud Realty

The house was built as part of a concept called ‘Case Study’, carried out by a magazine who came up with the project and then documented it in their magazine. Forties reality TV if you will, a precursor to ‘Grand Designs’ maybe?!

The aim of the project was to imagine a ‘modern’ household, detail what they wanted the house was do and  get an architect to develop a design that met the specifications using modern materials and construction processes. And then get the house built. And so it was done – the Eames house is ‘Case Study 8’ and is made from concrete, steel and pre fabricated sections. And it looks like it met the challenge laid down by the magazine, as Charles and Ray Eames lived in it for a very long time.

Image from Modernica

Built in 1949 – so just about sneaks in. The forties obviously saved the best til last.  



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