Seventy Seventy

Today a very special person is turning seventy, and to celebrate this I wanted to post a few bits throughout the week on the great designs or buildings of the forties. It’s a small gesture in honour of my father in law who inspires and entertains me on a regular basis – and to honour the huge changes in design, lifestyle and communications over the past seven decades.

Although this certain seventy old is English through and through, most of the really innovative designs of this time were kicking off in America. Europe was still rebuilding and working through the post war rationing, in food, textiles and also essential materials such as steel which hindered technical innovation somewhat (but was also inspiring, as per one of my favourite sayings ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’).

In terms of clothes, Dior’s New Look would ensure Europe remained the centre of fashion, but for architecture the world looked towards America. A beautiful example of this is Mies Van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House albeit built in the fities – it was designed in the forties.

Image from ArchMain

Image from Neil Edwards on Pinterest

I feel this building celebrateis appropriate as it was built for an independent and professional woman. The type that would have been rare in those days, but who paved the way for the rest of us. And the certain seventy old has always appreciated a feisty lady, so this is fitting. It’s a beautifully simple house too – for a man who needs little to be happy.

Image from Farnsworth House

Happy happy birthday to you, to begin my week of posting on the forties. Any suggestions or inspirations gratefully received!


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